Terry G Lorber

Director of Product, Business, and Software Development



Experienced engineering manager eager to develop automation systems for the design & manufacture of patient-specific medical devices. I enjoy tackling problems and finding answers, especially if the problem requires learning new tools or methods.


Director, Global Digital Product Development, Dentsply Sirona Implants - Waltham, MA, Jun 2014 - Present

Managed interdisciplinary team of five (5) direct reports. Collaborated with colleagues from Marketing & Communications, Operations, QA/RA, Customer Service, and Sales organizations. Developed business cases and promoted R&D activities in line with business strategy. Responsible for defining and delivering software-based products to support and expand upon Dentsply Sirona Implants' Digital Solutions. Responsible for assembling cross-functional teams, planning, and scheduling projects. Project work required defining use cases, specifications, and interface requirements for both internal software developers and external business partners. Delivered projects to Marketing & Sales for commercialization with end-user documentation, training materials, and ongoing support. Responsible for budgeting, with ~$200,000 of discretionary and capital expenditures per year. Reported to VP of Research & Development.

On-boarded three (3) new hires.

Authored strategy white paper for connectivity to data acquisition devices and networks in the dental industry. Strategy adopted by $75M global business experiencing double-digit growth.

Member of team that conducted due diligence for potential acquisition of competitor. Authored team's report and participated in decision making process, with the business accepting the team's recommendation.

Achieved goal of integration with an intraoral scanning system. Intitiated and completed project to connect 1st major intraoral scanning system with Dentsply Sirona Implants' centralized design & manufacturing facilities. Negotiated agreement and managed relationship with business partner and managed cross-functional team that implemented the project. Project completion resulted in service launch at the premier implantology forum & trade show in Europe.

Initiated and completed project to connect 2nd major intraoral scanning system with Dentsply Sirona Implants' centralized design & manufacturing facilities.

Developed business relationship with major dental CAD system vendor. Negotiated business agreement. Inititated and completed project to connect partner's system with Dentsply Sirona Implants. Project completion resulted in Marketing Launch at the largest trade show for dental laboratories in North America.

Delivered service enhancements to support 100% growth in yearly unit volume for innovative digital product.

Manager, Global Digital Product Development, DENTSPLY Implants - Waltham, MA, Aug 2010 - May 2014

On-boarded five (5) new hires.

Negotiated and completed collaboration agreements between business partners and DENTSPLY Implants to enable sharing of case information, including scan data, from partner's software to DENTSPLY Implants' design & manufacturing centers.

Achieved goal of delivering projects that resulted in >50% of business via web-based order entry.

Achieved goal of launching company's first digital product.

Business development activities included interfacing with outside partners to define shared goals and objectives.

Mentor to software team, as architecture owner of DENTSPLY Implants' web-based order entry platform.

Achieved goal of delivering project to convert 10% of business to web-based order entry.

Consulting Software Engineer, Astra Tech, Inc - Waltham, MA, Jan 2009 - Jul 2010

Principal Software Engineer, Astra Tech, Inc - Cambridge, MA, Jan 2007 - Dec 2008

Leader on development team of twelve (12) software engineers. Focused on mentoring teammates on best practices, particularly with the Ruby on Rails web application framework. Interfaced with all aspects of a global organization to determine software requirements. Continued development on three (3) enterprise software applications that incorporated parameterized geometric models and expert systems to aid in the manufacture of abutments for dental implants. Installed and maintained tools for software development: source control, issue tracking, continuous integration dashboard, release documentation, and web log. Gathered requirements, documented design, implemented code, released software, tracked bugs, and patched software. Lead developer on integration efforts.

Supported transfer of technology to second source in Mölndal, Sweden.

Integrated existing proprietary CAD system with new ERP system, leveraging library developed using the Data Access Object pattern.

Software Lead for the company's first lab-based scanning integration project. Converted 15% of the business to all-digital order entry, reducing Cost-of-Goods sold.

Senior Software Engineer, Atlantis Components, Inc - Cambridge, MA, Jun 2004 - Jan 2007

Senior Engineer, Atlantis Components, Inc - Cambridge, MA, Sep 2002 - May 2004

Mechanical Engineer, Atlantis Components, Inc - Cambridge, MA, Aug 2000 - Aug 2002

An early member of the engineering team, contributed immediately by delivering software tools to reduce labor in the scan & design steps of the Atlantis process. Acquired skills to implement software development best practices. As the team grew, worked as a mentor to other members.

Developed applications to automate the design and manufacture of dental implant abutments.

Product Engineer, Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership - Bristol, NH, Jun 1996 - Sep 1999

Leader of a cross–functional team supporting custom designed oil seals for the Aerospace and Automotive industry. Managed product process from initial design and quoting to production launching and troubleshooting. Experienced in compression, transfer and injection molding processes. Created test plans for material & product development. Participated in Kaizen activity to implement lean manufacturing processes. Involved in implementation of quality systems to meet FAA and customer requirements.


Advanced Management Practices, DENTSPLY International Leadership Series - Frankfurt DEU, May 2014

M.S. in Computer Science, Boston University, Metropolitan College – Boston, MA, Sep 2013

Certificate in Software Development, Boston University, Metropolitan College – Boston, MA, May 2010

B.S.E. (Mechanical Engineering), University of Michigan, College of Engineering – Ann Arbor, MI, May 1996


Brooks' The Mythical Man-Month, DeMarco & Lister's Peopleware, Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides's Design Patterns, Booch's UML, Fowler's Continuous Integration, Spolsky's Joel on Software, Atwood's Coding Horror, Beck's XP, Tufte's Visual Display of Quantitative Information, KanBan, Kaizen, Agile, Ruby, Javascript, C/C++, SQL, Java, Python, PHP, BASH, LOGO, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu, RHEL, Emacs, Git, Subversion, Cygwin, CMake, Visual Studio, Eclipse, VTK, FLTK, KWWidgets, Win32 API, Unigraphics NX API, OpenGL, Ruby on Rails, Prototype, Script.aculo.us, Drupal, MFC, Unidraw, Heroku, AWS S3, Hadoop

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